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Succede solo a Bologna, a non-profit cultural association founded in 2011, has managed the Theater of Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati (owned by the Emilia-Romagna Region and under the care of the Municipality of Bologna) since April 2022, thanks to a 4-year assignment proposed by the Municipality.

For 10 years, Succede solo a Bologna has been involved in enhancing and promoting the cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage of Bologna and its province. In pursuit of this goal, our association has spent the last few years managing some of the city’s monuments, providing maintenance and restoration, crowdfunding projects, guided tours of all kinds, as well as cultural and recreational events for the promotion of the area. In addition to the Theater in Via Toscana, some of the sites we currently manage include the Dome and the Crypt of San Luca, the Conserva di Valverde, the Prendiparte Tower, the San Zama Crypt, the Bentivoglio Complex, and the tourist section of the “Renato Dall’Ara” stadium. We also organize guided tours with licensed guides (available on fixed dates as well as by request) with hundreds of customizable itineraries for every need.

Bagni di Mario (Conserva di Valverde)

San Luca panoramic point

Crypt of San Zama

Tower panoramic point

To better care for Bologna’s most important sites, our association has also created various crowdfunding initiatives, such as “Monuments Care” for the maintenance and restoration of city monuments and “Io sostengo San Petronio” for the Basilica in Piazza Maggiore (collecting over 200 thousand euro for its restoration). We have also collaborated with “Un Passo per San Luca” to maintain the longest portico in the world, and managed tours of the Neptune restoration site.